I am a democrat and european. In that order. I grew up in the socialist Yugoslavia, survived Slobodan Milosevic and the nationalism, the siege of Sarajevo and the flight to Sweden. Then it is no wonder that you become an european. Theatre, movie and media is an important part of my life. I have acted – with minor success. Directed – some productions were actually quite good. Managed theatres, written screenplays, articles and chronicles. Hosted shows on television and radio. I believe in dialogue, debate and exchange of views. Because I grew up in a society where it was seldomly popular and not always allowed.

With my background no other life stance remains than becoming liberal. It is the only possible and to a large extent reasonable alternative. In 2009 I decided to enter politics. I became state secretary at the Ministry of Employment in Fredrik Reinfeldt’s cabinet 2010-2014. Since 2015 I am Member of European Parliament.


I want nobody to experience what I have experienced. It might not be an exceedingly ambitious goal, but I promise that it is a very reasonable one. The raison d’être of the EU, it’s bureaucracy and all of its corridors has emerged from the wars and conflicts in Europe. I don’t want any more names to be added to the already long lists of places where genocide and abuse have been committed. In order to achieve this goal, a number of concrete and unromantic things are needed:

  • An openness that promotes the free mobility for people, goods, capital and services – and a cultural exchange
  • An extension of EU that guarantees the safety of the union and decreases ethnic tension in Balkans
  • A functional inner market that enable growth, reduces fear and creates an optimism for the future
  • A flexible and inclusive labor market that doesn’t divide people between those who are inside and out

In the European Parliament I am part of the committee for Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO), the committee for Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) and in the committee for Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL). In addition, I am member of the Delegation for relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo, the Delegation to the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee and the Delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly.

What I’ve done

Enacted legislation. That is what parliamentarians do in order to achieve their goals. For example, I have negotiated and contributed to:

  • Facilitated for professional work groups to get their degrees recognized in other EU member states and thus increasing mobility within the EU
  • Made it possible to fight internet fraud and thus increasing E-trade within the EU
  • Making it easier to take a loan or get a bank account in other EU countries
  • It has become easier to fight illegal trade with cultural items
  • Strengthened the innovation and research in the EU defence industry

The future and onwards

EU is at risk of falling apart. The threat comes from extreme right movements, the aggressive Kreml and the banality that has become a feature of the White House. We have to resist it. EU is worth preserving, despite all of its deficits and downfalls. EU has two missions: to maintain the peace and to secure a protection against the negative aspects of globalization. We need both, so don’t give up. I will not.I am a bosnian in Sweden and a swede in Bosnia. My experience from the war influences me. Therefore, I daily fight to achieve an enlargement of the EU towards the Balkans. Brexit is a massive setback. But a new enlargement would vitalize the union. We need the Balkan for a safer and more growth oriented EU. Balkan needs EU to minimize its ethnic tension and I want to put all my strength as politician to for the enlargement to happen. A globalized world needs larger entities than the national state to manage its crises. But EU needs to be reformed. The union must be more effective, sharper and faster. I will work for that.